Carlos and Charlie's Tuna Dip

Carlos and Charlie's Restaurants make a dip that I adore--Tuna Dip.  I used to frequent their Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica and Malibu locations to get my fix. Sadly, their restaurants closed in the Los Angeles area. They still have restaurants in Las Vegas Nevada, Austin Texas, Aruba and various locations in Florida and Mexico.  The food there is okay, but the atmosphere is terrific!  The bars are super fun. And, of course, there's the tuna dip. They make an amazing deep fried ice cream thing too.  So if you're looking for beer, tuna dip and ice cream, you need to try Carlos and Charlie's!

When they closed, I was determined to make tuna dip.  I tinkered around and eventually, I think I got something that is pretty close.  I usually make it with "light" or "no fat" sour cream and mayonnaise, and I get baked tortilla chips. I really do prefer the full fat version, but the lighter version is pretty darn yummy, too.

Carlos'n Charlie's Tuna Dip

(printable recipe)

12 oz. can tuna (drain juice and save separately)
½-1 jalapeno - seeded and diced into small pieces
7 green onions - chopped
¼ c. sour cream
¼ c. mayonnaise
2 Tbsp. cilantro - chopped
1/8 tsp cayenne
1/8 tsp Black pepper
1/8 tsp White pepper

Tortilla chips
Cucumber spears

Mix dip ingredients & serve with chips or cukes. If you want it really creamy, add more mayo and sour cream. Sometimes I add about 1/8 cup tuna juice to help thin the consistency.


  1. Tuna?!? Really?!? I heard tuna leads to male pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction. Could I substitute chicken for tuna for increased virility and testosterone?

  2. You are hilarious! Actually, years ago, a friend of mine said she thought this recipe would be delicious using chicken instead of tuna. I never tried it. If you try it, please let me know how it tastes!

  3. I will make for my girlfriend; however, I will substitute tuna for fish-shaped tofu pieces---my girlfriend is a part-time vegetarian...

  4. I dimly remember that this was served warm, at least at the Sunset Strip location, but since I last had it about 25 years ago (jeez, how did THAT happen!?), I could be wrong. It was both seductively delicious and the perfect insulation between you and and las margaritas...mmm, good times.


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